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Module 3: Prepare

Step 8 - Evaluation Questions

In this video I will teach you...

* A "deep belly" breathing technique that will instantly calm your nerves.

* Why keeping your presentation simple and to the point adds power to it.

* How to stay in control of your presentation and how to gracefully guide the conversation in your favor.

* A simple to use technique for memorizing your agenda that you can instantly use for anything in your life.

* How to easily incorporate your natural gestures into your presentation while still looking very professional.

Step 9 - Negotiation

In this video I will teach you...

* Why it's important to be specific and never use a "salary range".

* The distinction between a hard, soft and ambiguous tactic.

* How to make your boss fear losing you and have THEM offer you a better pay raise.

* When to mention a dollar amount and when to mention a percentage when you as for your raise at work.

* How NOT knowing what you want can make you look weak in a negotiation.

Step 10 - Negotiation Strategies

In this video I will teach you...

* How to get into the right frame of mind for negotiating.

* Why "walking away" can be the ultimate form of strength in any negotiation.

* How to take on the perspective of the Company.

* When to offer "give and takes" in any negotiation and how to add in things that will increase incrementally down the road.

* A way to use your bosses tone of voice, body language and the word they say to understand what they REALLY want.

Step 11 - Communication

In this video I will teach you...

* How to craft questions to get the information that you really want.

* A way to control the situation no matter how off-track it gets.

* How to discover your bosses motivation and interest in your conversation.

* Things that you can listen for that can help you determine your bosses desires.

* The exact open-ended question that will allow you to instantly know how they feel about something.

Step 12 - Rapport

In this video I will teach you...

* How to create a positive flow of "give and take" when communicating with your boss.

* A way to build rapport with your boss and not be a "suck up" or "brown-nosed".

* Things to look for in your bosses office that will instantly build a connection with them.

* How to pick-up on non-verbal and implied relationships when talking to your boss.

* A formula to get the right amount of rapport... too much and you'll come across as need, too little and you won't have connection.

Step 13 - Influencing Others

In this video I will teach you...

* How to treat others the way you want to be treated and still get what you desire.

* Ways to avoid forcing someone to make a choice, rather how to use subtle techniques to influence their decision.

* Language that can can be heard as "needs" rather than "wants".

* How to put "real thought" behind your request - Being conscious and deliberate.

* An example and exercise to turn someone into a future perspective - with predictable results.

Step 14 - Perspective Shifting

In this video I will teach you...

* How to view the values of others.

* How to model a conversation to match the needs of others.

* A powerful exercise to really "put yourself in another person's shoes".

* An easy way to adapt and modify your pay request "on the fly".

Step 15 - Cash Alternatives

In this video I will teach you...

* Why cash isn't your highest resource.

* Why results are the most important thing to your boss.

* How things like an expanded Benefits Package, more Commission and Working remotely can be more valuable than cash.

* A case study that you can use as an example right now to change your hours at work.

Step 16 - Plan B

In this video I will teach you...

* Why just knowing that you have options can make you perform better NOW.

*How to have two just as effective "Plan B's" in your mind when you start your salary negotiation process.

* Exactly what to do if your boss says "don't take this personally..."

* A way to figure out if your boss is testing you for a higher level promotion.

* How to "secretly" look for a job while not letting on that you are searching for a new company to work for.


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