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What You Are Worth... at Work!

In my last article I talked about your soft assets and why they are important to understand. I also spoke about how you are going to use your soft assets to sell yourself. Before that I spoke about how to know what you are worth.

With this in mind, I want to give you 3 specific things you can do right now to position yourself so that a raise in pay is virtually guaranteed!

Look, it's no secret that the business world has moved from "physical strength" to "public strategy" and the old ideas of "work hard and we'll take care of you" to the new ideas of "it's all who you know".

It almost feels like once the rules are established that they change!

Which is exactly why we need to talk about the Knowledge Economy.

It's now the ability to gain knowledge and implement it into something creative and innovative that really provides value.

And this might be a round-about way of saying it, but let me be totally explicit: The more value you add to a company the more you will get paid. You then take that value and present it as evidence in order to get paid more money at work.

There, I said it.

But before you pack it in and move on, let me give you some important details on how to accomplish this.

So, to provide a foundation for creating value we need to talk about some of the reasons why this is an important change.

This is true for several important reasons, but here are three that you should consider:

1. Outsourcing is always a threat - It always feels like there is someone out there that can do your job faster and for less pay.

2. Companies aren't taking care of their employees with a long-term mindset - It used to be that you'd get a job, work for forty or so years and collect a pension. This is not the norm anymore.

3. You need to produce at least 3 TIMES what you are paid to make it worthwhile to the company for you to stick around. The monthly payroll is the largest and most consistent expense to businesses (after taxes).

So, how do you deal with a world of outsourced, under-paid folks who need to consistently produce more than they are worth?

You innovate...

You motivate yourself to perform above the "required standards" for work. You rise above the mundane world of simply having a job to creating massive value through your knowledge work.

This is how you can create massive value:

1. Treat your Job as if you YOU owned the Company - Pretend that you are making critical choices that will lead to the success or the failure where you work. Create a fake senario where your job is on the line and you are more apt to see the point of view of your CEO. This is also good practice if that is where you want to be.

2. Always be on the lookout for NEEDS - Look for places in your work that need attention. Any good manager or boss can't be doing everything at once and they rely on their Team Mates to know, own and be engaged in their position. There will always be needs, no matter how small or large, that upper management isn't aware of. Bring these needs to their attention and resolve them.

3. Look for ways to AUTOMATE processes and procedures that allow you to do more with less. Just about everything can be automated these days and it takes someone who is creative to come up with solutions to automate something. Maybe it's a Newsletter list that your company runs or a reporting job on a Server. Look for ways to improve your company through automation. This is great "ammo" to have in your list of things you've accomplished.

So, there you have it.

Three things that you can instantly put into practice now to get you on the road to more money in your pocket.

Now it's up to you to take action and put these into practice in your work life. Over the course of a handful of jobs these are three things that I can distinctly point back to and say "that worked every time"... and I know that these will work for you.

These are great ways to get creative and really stretch your thinking that will benefit you now and down the road.

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Thanks for reading.

Talk to you soon,



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Watch my videos Read my tweets Like me on Facebook Follow me on Tumblr Hangout with me on Google+


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